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Wind speed converter

Wind speed converter

Name: Wind speed converter

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Wind Speed Conversion. by Tim Brice and Todd Hall. Enter a wind speed that you would like: What are the formula for the wind speed conversion script?. The FT Technologies Wind Speed Converter allows you to convert between different wind speed measurement scales. From SI (meters per second or kilometres. This script creates a wind speed converter that can convert six different speed units at one time.

homepage. Wind Converter. m/s, knots. kph, Beaufort. mph. 1 Mar Meteorological Conversions and Calculations. Wind Speed Converter. Enter a number into a field. For results, click Convert or press Enter or. Easily convert wind speed values between knots, Beaufort, miles per hour (mph), kilometers per hour (kph) and meters per second (mps) with the Wind converter.

Wind speed units & wind directions converter. Convert between different units. Transform a wind speed into another unit by an online calculation. CONVERTER. Worldwide Tropical Cyclones™. INDIAN OCEAN. North Indian Wind Speed Converter. Convert knots to mph and km/h, and mph to km/h. Knots, Bft. M/S, KM/h, Mph, Label, Effect on Sea. <1, 0, , <1, <1, Calm, Sea like a mirror. , 1, , , , Light air, Ripples with the appearance of. SPEED CONVERSIONS - KNOTS, MPH, KPH. Knots, Miles per Hour, Kilometers per Hour. 1, , 2, , 3, , 4, ,


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